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The University of South Carolina welcomes your application for undergraduate admission. Before you can begin applying in Step Three below, you must first create a password-protected user account in Step Two.

Step One: Remember Deadlines & Credentials

Helpful Hint For the Three Links Below:
The online application is available on Step Three, but you must create an account first. Please proceed to Step Two. Also, please be sure to closely read regarding admissions policies and procedures.

Step Two: Set Up And Manage Your Account

Remember, once you create your account and begin your application, you may access your account and modify your application as many times as you wish before paying your application fee and submitting your completed version.

Step Three: Complete Your Online Application

Please read the application options carefully and select the application that applies to your situation. If you have questions about which application you should complete, please contact USC's Undergraduate Admissions office at 803-777-7700.

Freshman Application
If you are currently a student in high school, or have graduated high school and never attended a post-secondary institution, you should complete the freshman application. Make sure to have a copy of your high-school transcript and information about your SAT or ACT scores available as you complete the freshman application.

Freshman International Application
If you are currently a non-US citizen attending a secondary school and have never attended a post-secondary institution, you should complete the freshman international application.

Transfer Application
If you currently attend or have attended a post-secondary institution other than the University of South Carolina and would like to complete your undergraduate education at USC-Columbia, please complete the transfer application.

International Transfer
Students should complete the international transfer application if they are non-US citizens who have attended or are currently attending a post-secondary institution.

Change of Campus
If you are currently enrolled as a degree seeking student at another USC campus besides Columbia, and wish to change to the Columbia campus, you must complete this form. You must be currently enrolled to complete this form.

Application for Readmission
If you were a former degree-seeking USC-Columbia student and have missed one or more major semesters (fall or spring), you will need to reapply for admission to the University. You should only complete this application if you have not attempted any college courses at any other college or university in the interim. If you have attempted credit elsewhere, please complete the transfer application. Students currently enrolled in high school and students seeking freshman admission should not use this form.

Non Degree Application
You should complete the non degree application if you are a college graduate needing additional coursework or a visiting or transient student from another institution. Please carefully review the program selections within the application and select the one that applies to your situation.

Supplemental Application Materials

For International Applicants

Contact Information

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