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Using this website, you will be able to develop your understanding of a caring and healthy family, your skills for building and maintaining such a family, your tools for recognizing where you are in the process, and your ability to recognize and deal with violence and other destructive patterns of functioning.

Because we are studying ways of contributing to family health and of preventing domestic violence and family breakdown, we ask you to let us add your information to the other confidential data that we gather for our research and teaching. Please read our Participant Agreement and Privacy Statement.

Commonsense commitments and practical exercises

On the following pages you will find a list of statements divided into four groups. We invite you to read each statement, and to click every one of them that you are ready to commit yourself to carrying out. Some statements are accompanied by questions, and some are accompanied by invitations to name experiences or ideas from your own life. The whole process of responding to the statements usually takes about an hour, done in one session or spread out over several sessions. It is important that you do this by yourself.

Along the way you will be invited to do a series of practical "what if" exercises. If you wish, you may write about what you thought, what you felt, what you did during and after each exercise, and what meaning you attached to your experience in each case.

Finally, when you are ready, you will able to get a private report that lists the commitments that you've made.

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