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Spring Semester 2017       12-15-16
Fall Semester 2017       12-01-16
Priority deadline       12-01-16 *
Final deadline       05-01-17

* Students interested in academic scholarships are encouraged to complete their application file by December 31 to receive priority consideration.

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Freshman Applicants

You should apply as a freshman candidate if you are currently enrolled in high school or have not enrolled or earned credit at another college or university following high school graduation.

Freshman admission to Clemson is competitive and based largely on high school curriculum, grades, class standing, SAT or ACT scores, and choice of major. Admission is closed when all class space has been committed. We encourage applicants to submit materials early in the fall of their senior year. Decisions are communicated to most students beginning in mid-February.

Instructions for Freshman Applicants:

  1. Apply: Complete the On-Line Application for Admission.

  2. Submit Application Fee Online: A non-refundable application fee will be paid on-line via Mastercard, Visa, or electronic check on a secure server upon submission of the application. (If the application fee creates financial hardship for your family, please see your guidance counselor. Clemson participates in application fee waiver programs sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), The College Board and ACT.)

  3. Counselor Information: Take the high school information form to your guidance office. Ask your counselor to complete the form, attach an official transcript of your high school record, and forward the package to the Office of Admissions.

    If you are no longer in high school, you still must ask your former high school to send an official transcript and arrange to have official SAT/ACT scores sent to our office.

  4. Test Scores: Have your official SAT or ACT score reports sent to Clemson directly from the testing agency. We cannot accept a photocopy of these scores or scores recorded on your high school transcript.

  5. Receipt of Application Notification: Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your Clemson University identification number. Use this number in any official correspondence with the University.

High School Course Prerequisites for Clemson Freshmen 

Most students accepted at Clemson have taken college preparatory programs in high school. Clemson recommends applicants for freshman admission for the 2013-14 academic year to complete the following courses in high school:

English - 4 credits

All four courses must have strong grammar and composition components, with at least one in English literature and at least one in American literature. College preparatory English I, II, III and IV will meet these requirements.

Mathematics - 3 credits

These include algebra I (for which applied mathematics I and II may count together as a substitute if a student successfully completes algebra II), algebra II and geometry.

Laboratory Science - 3 credits

Two must be selected from biology I, chemistry I or physics I.

Foreign Language - 3 credits*

All credits must be earned in the same language.

*Students who have completed fewer than three credits of the same foreign language are encouraged to apply. Any documentation provided by the high school guidance staff explaining the reason(s) this requirement could not be fulfilled will be considered when reviewing the student's application.

Social Sciences - 3 credits

American history is required. A half credit of government and a half credit of economics are also recommended.

Other - 2 credits

One of these must be a fourth year of mathematics, laboratory science or foreign language. Students interested in engineering are strongly encouraged to take a fourth year of mathematics. This course should be selected from precalculus, calculus, statistics or discrete mathematics. The second credit must be in advanced mathematics, computer science or a combination of these; or one unit of world history, world geography or Western civilization.

Physical Education/ROTC - 1 credit

Chances for Acceptance 

Each year, Clemson receives more admission applications than there are classroom spaces available; therefore, the qualifications of students admitted in any given year are related to the number of applications received. There is no set cutoff point for grades, class standing or SAT/ACT scores, but the high school academic record is more important than test scores.

Besides SAT/ACT scores and class standing, other factors such as high school curriculum, grades, choice of major and S.C. residency are also considered. In evaluating these factors, we will make one of the three following decisions when we review your application:

Yes. You have been provisionally accepted. You will have a specified time in which to submit your admission deposit, and your provisional acceptance will be confirmed when you graduate unless your senior grades drop markedly.

No. Unfortunately, your credentials are not as strong as those of the candidates we are accepting this year, and we cannot accept you. However, we want to work with you on a program that will enable you to transfer to Clemson in a year.

Wait list. We will hold your application and make a final decision in mid-May. You will be asked to notify the Office of Admissions if you desire a space on the wait list.

The Bridge to Clemson University Program.  Designed for a select group of academically talented freshmen, the Bridge to Clemson University program is a competitive academic-enhancement transfer program available by invitation only. Beginning with a strong academic freshman year at Tri-County Technical College (two miles from the Clemson campus), the Bridge program includes targeted advising, academic support and residential life to provide a seamless transition to Clemson upon successful completion of academic requirements.

Clemson University offers equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or status as disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era.

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