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Applying to Georgetown University as a Transfer Candidate

Thank you for your interest in applying to Georgetown University as a transfer student. We encourage you to begin your application by submitting the Georgetown Transfer Application immediately so we may open your admission file and track any documents sent in support of your candidacy. You will find that the Georgetown Transfer Application will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Early completion of the Georgetown Transfer Application will also increase the chances that we can facilitate an alumni interview for you between mid-February and late March while also allowing you ample time to complete the Transfer Application Supplement by the March 1, 2018 deadline.

Completing the following four steps in a timely manner will assure that your transfer application receives full consideration by the admissions committee.

Step 1 - Submit the Georgetown Transfer Application

If you have not already done so, please submit the Georgetown Transfer Application. You will not be required to create a password to complete this form. To access this form, please click on the link below.

Complete Georgetown Transfer Application

After submitting the Georgetown Transfer Application, you will receive an email providing you with your Georgetown Identification Number. You will use this number to submit the remainder of your transfer application. If you lose or otherwise do not know your Georgetown Identification Number please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (202) 687-3600. Please do not re-submit the Georgetown Transfer Application as this will create redundant records and possibly delay review of your application.

Step 2 - Create your Profile

Once you submit your Georgetown Transfer Application, you will need to create your Profile. Your Profile will provide you with a login and password, enabling you to save the remaining pieces of your application before submitting them. Please click on the link below to create your Profile.

Create your Profile

Immediately after creating your Profile, you should commence to Step 3 to request supporting documentation from your secondary school counselor (Secondary School Report form), your college/university dean (Dean's Report form), and your recommending college/university professor (Professor's Report). You will need to gather the necessary names and e-mail addresses for each of these three individuals to assure proper completion and submission of these documents by March 1, 2018.

Step 3 - Submit request for your Secondary School Report, Dean’s Report and Professor’s Report

Please click on the link below to request your Secondary School Report, Dean's Report and Professor's Report. As noted, you will need the names and email addresses for these three individuals to complete this request form. An email will be sent directly to these individuals/offices letting them know that you have applied to Georgetown University as a transfer student and you have requested that they complete these documents. These forms will need to be completed and submitted by March 1, 2018, so we suggest you complete Step 3 at least several weeks prior to March 1, 2018 if at all possible.

Request Secondary School, Dean's Report, and Professor's Report

All official college/university transcripts will need to be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office via postal mail through your college/university’s registrar’s office. Please direct your college/university transcript(s) to the following address: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Georgetown University, P.O. Box 3796, Washington, DC 20027-3796. (This address is specifically for transfer credentials and mailing transcripts to this address will facilitate timely completion of your application.)

Step 4 – Complete the Transfer Application Supplement

After you have created your Profile, please proceed to the link below to complete your Transfer Application Supplement. Please note that the deadline to submit this form is March 1, 2018. Your must complete the Georgetown Transfer Application before submitting the Supplement. Please see Step 1 for instructions regarding the Georgetown Transfer Application.

Compete Transfer Application Supplement

Congratulations! You have now completed all the steps necessary to apply as a transfer student to Georgetown University. Transfers serve as a vital part of our University community, and we look forward to reviewing your completed application.

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