To: Applicants to Morehouse School of Medicine MD Summer Program

Morehouse School of Medicine is an historically black institution established to recruit and train minority and other students as physicians, biomedical scientists, and public health professionals committed to the primary health care needs of the undeserved.

What is the MD Summer Program?

The Summer Program aims to identify and recruit highly motivated students with demonstrated high potential and ability to pursue a medical career. It is not an enrichment program designed to provide MCAT prep or strengthen applicants in the sciences. Mastery of the medical school prerequisites of Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics is necessary for success.

Students who have been selected to participate in the Program attend the same summer Pre-Matriculation courses required of all entering first-year medical students. The curriculum is demanding and intellectually challenges the student. The courses taught during the summer are: BIOCHEMISTRY, HUMAN MORPHOLOGY, and FUNDAMENTALS OF MEDICINE. Weekly seminars are scheduled to assist students in the areas of Test-Taking Skills, Time Management, Analysis and Application of Information, and Techniques for Applying to Medical School.

The dates of the Summer Program are tentatively set for the first week of July thru the second week of August. Students are expected to participate in the Program on a full-time basis throughout. Therefore, students may not work, take course work at other institutions, or attend other summer programs while participating in the program.

How Different is Morehouse's Program from other Summer Programs?

The Summer Program is limited to ten (10) students. Since the medical school's entry class size is small, participating students have the opportunity to receive more individualized attention. To provide the opportunity for the academic and personal success of all students, the school has available academic and personal support services designed to assist the student in reaching these goals.

Another feature of the Program is that, though students do not spend class time in review courses specifically directed at preparing for the New Medical College Admissions Test, meeting the challenges of the summer courses requires the use of pre-requisite concepts taught at the undergraduate level. Hence, the student is provided a means of reinforcement and strengthening of the basic science knowledge base that could enhance and improve individual review and ultimately performance levels of the examination. However, experience has shown us that it is extremely difficult for students to participate in the Summer Program at a satisfactory level and simultaneously prepare adequately for a first sitting of the MCAT in August.

Students selected to the Summer Program will be tracked after completion of the Program to determine the program's effectiveness in preparing students for applying to medical school.

Eligibility and Application

A maximum of ten (10) students per year are selected to participate in the Summer Program. Students who have completed at least three years of undergraduate studies and all of the pre-medical prerequisites listed below are eligible to apply. All applicants must be U.S. Citizens or have Permanent Resident visa status.

  1. Application Requirements
    1. Prerequisite Coursework: You must have successfully completed the following: (All sciences must include lab)

      General Biology 1 Year
      General Chemistry 1 Year
      Organic Chemistry 1 Year
      Physics 1 Year
      College Math 1 Year
      College English 1 Year (including Composition)

      Coursework in progress at time of application will be considered.

    2. Faculty Appraisals: A composite from your Pre-Professional Advisory Committee is required. If an Advisory Committee is not used at your institution, then three (3) letters are required from Science faculty who have taught you.

    3. Photograph: A wallet size photograph must be submitted with your application.

    4. Interview: If invited, you must come to the school for an interview scheduled by the Admissions Office. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for the second and third week in March.

  2. Housing - Students are responsible for securing their own housing.

  3. Meals - Students are responsible for their meals. Cafeteria services are not available.

  4. Academic Credit - Official academic credit for participation in the Program is not offered.

Completed application, transcripts, and supporting documents must be received (THIS IS NOT A POSTMARK DATE) no later than the second Friday in February. Each applicant is responsible for making sure all information is complete, as missing information will delay or prevent the processing of an application. All application materials should be mailed to:

Office of Admissions & Student Affairs
Morehouse School of Medicine
720 Westview Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30310-1495

The School of Medicine is not responsible for any misunderstanding of instructions or regulations, misdirected documents, or other delays.