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Thank you for your interest in Oaks Christian School. We hope that this tip will be of assistance when creating your account:

Be sure to enter your name (parent's name) in the account. The student's name will be entered in the application itself. If you do enter the student's name in error, you can edit the account name from the Profile page:

This page will present you with the name fields. Make the necessary changes, and click "Update."

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  • Letters of Recommendation Tracker

    View Status of Letters of Recommendation. Using this feature, you can:

    • Correct or re-direct the recommendation form to another email address. Simply click on the "Take Action" pull down menu, choose "Edit/Change This Recommender," enter the correct email address, and click the "Edit" button. You may include a personal message if you wish.
    • Resend the evaluation form to the recommender. Simply click on the "Take Action" pull down menu. To resend the form, choose the "Send Reminder" option and click the "Send" button. You may include a personal message if you wish.

  • Online Checklist

    View Status of Application Requirements. Using this feature, you can track the receipt status of your supporting application materials in real time. To access the online checklist, click the Online Checklist link above and use the email and password used to apply to Oaks Christian to log in. Once logged in, click the Checklist button to see the status of your application materials.

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