Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
Counselor Application and Instructions

Award Deadlines
Early Award: April 15
Late Award: June 30

*Palmetto Fellows application and application materials can only be submitted during open award periods. Any applications or application materials submitted outside of an active award period will not be accepted.

Application Deadline - ALL application materials must be IN the Commission office by 5:00 pm of the established deadline date. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday the deadline is the preceding Friday.


Step 1:

Print applicable checklist. Only one checklist is needed per packet:

Step 2:

List ALL eligible and declining students on the Eligible Applicants Form.

Step 3:

Complete the Online Application for EACH student by clicking the link below.

Complete Your Student's Online Application
  • Please note: You will NOT be able to save an application once you have started. Once an application is submitted you will NOT be able to revise or retrieve the application.
  • Print the Success Page for each submission for your records only. This will include a transaction ID for each entry as a confirmation of submission for your records.
  • DO NOT include the success page in the application packet submission.
  • If you find that you have entered information in error AFTER you have submitted an online application, DO NOT submit another online application for that student. Instead, include a letter with the paper application materials. In that letter, please explain the error or change that occured.
Step 4:

Print the Certification and Authorization of Applicant Form.

  • Have students complete and return pages 4-5 to school counselor.
Step 5:

Mail ALL required forms and official documentation. A document checklist is listed below in the resource section.

  • All required forms from your high school must be returned by certified mail with return receipt requested to the Commission on Higher Education by the established deadline date to be considered.
  • All required documentation and application packets must be in receipt of the Commission office by 5:00PM of the established deadline date.
  • No emails/faxes or non-certified* mail will be accepted.
  • If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday the deadline is the PRECEDING Friday.

* Should you choose to overnight an application packet, your packet will be accepted IF the packet is delivered to the office on or before 5:00PM of the established deadline. You must request a signature and tracking of the package. Certified mail would not be necessary when using overnight delivery service.

* Application packets may also be hand-delivered if so desired. However, you must choose one of these options: certified mail, overnight delivery with signature and tracking, OR hand-delivered to the Commission Office.

Required Documentation & Resources

Required Documents to include in Application Packet


Thank you for your assistance in submitting the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship application materials from your high school. If you should have any questions about eligibility or submitting the application, please do not hesitate to contact the Commission on Higher Education.

Mailing Address
Attention: Palmetto Fellows
1122 Lady Street Suite #300
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Leslie Williams
Gerrick Hampton
Karen Woodfaulk
Emily Wells
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