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Before completing our online application, read the following important information; it will be helpful to you as you complete the application.

Critical Information

  • Do not use your web browser's back or forward buttons while using the online application.
  • School search hint: If you cannot locate your school by name, search by city and state. Choose None of the Above if the school name does not display.
  • The online application allows you to save your application and work on it during multiple sessions before officially submitting it to the Enrollment Services Department. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your application and an official letter of acceptance within seven business days.

Getting Started

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  • To obtain an I-20 from SCC you must complete the International Student Packet and a paper application. Do not complete the online application.
  • All visa holders, including Permanent Residents, must provide copies of your visa, passport and I-94 to Enrollment Services located in the Administration Building, Room 1113. These visa holders may complete the online application if they have a Social Security number.

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  • Please wait two business days for your application to be processed.
  • All students are admitted!
  • Find out what other steps are required after applying by visiting Enrolling at SCC.