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Application Instructions

  1. Establish your account.
    • Enter your account information exactly as instructed on the form.
    • Click the 'Create My Account' button
    • Write down your user name and password for future reference when re-entering the system.

  2. Fill out your application.
    You can complete your application in any order and save your work and come back to it later - even from a different computer!
    • If your application has more than one page, use the 'Save and go to page: 2,3,4' button to move to another page.
    • To save what you've done so far without exiting, click the 'Save this page' button.
    • To save what you've done so far and exit (you'll be taken to your Activity Log), click the 'Finish Session' button.
    • To reaccess your application to continue work on it, return to the application menu, select the application, and enter your user name and password when prompted.

    All of your saves and transmissions are logged in your Activity Log for your review.

  3. Make corrections to your data.
    You may see a Data Correction Page when you move from page to page or click 'Save/Send'.
    A Data Correction Page appears if you have omitted a required field or entered data incorrectly. Changes you need to make appear in red text. Simply enter the correct data, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the 'Make the corrections' button.

  4. Save/Send your application.
    Check your application carefully. When you are satisfied with it and are ready to send it to us, click 'Save/Send' at the bottom of the last page. This saves your data in its final form.

  5. Check your Activity Log to print a copy of your application or to find out if we have received it.

  6. Close your browser program when you're ready to end your Web session.
    This clears your password and secure connection.

Hints For Filling Out Your Application

  • Select the correct postal code using the "view codes" link for US state and Canadian province names.
  • Select the appropriate residence and/or citizenship country code using either the "view codes" link or the Search button (depending on which is on the application you're filling out):
    • If there is a "view codes" link: Click the link, search for your country code in the window, close the window, and enter the code in the application.
    • If there is a Search button: click the button and select your country code from the list. It will be automatically entered in the application.
  • Separate digits in telephone numbers with dashes only, no slashes or parentheses.
  • Check your application over carefully before sending it!
  • There are additional requirements for admission:
    • All official transcripts covering all of your undergraduate and graduate work.
    • Note: the GRE test score is not required.
    • We require all non-native English speaking people to file a minimum TOEFL score of 650 and a TWE score of 5, CBT of 250, or the TOEFL iBT.
    • Two letters of recommendation sent directly to the Graduate Admissions Office.
    • Application essays.
    Be sure to fulfill these requirements in addition to submitting your application.

Web Application Features

  • The web application server stores the information you enter under the private user name and password you establish.
  • You don't have to complete an application in one sitting. For example, you can start working on a web application at your library's computer facility, save your work, access the form at home on your personal computer, and continue working from there. Wherever you have access to the Web, you have access to the information you've saved.
  • When you fill out more than one application form, common information you filled in on the first form is automatically entered in all subsequent forms. For example, if you've entered your name and address on an application form and saved it, that information will be automatically entered on the next online form you access (assuming, of course, that the next form also has name and address fields). Also, if you change the information on one form, it's changed on all others.
  • Your data is transmitted securely over the Internet. The information you enter is encrypted and secure when you save it and when you send it. Although general data collected on the system may be used in statistical studies and reports designed to assist institutions with planning, any information bearing your personal identification is only disclosed to the department you send it to.
  • When you save or transmit application information a note appears in your Activity Log. You can easily check your Activity Log at any time to see your application activity and to find out when we have acknowledged receipt of your application.

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