Application Instructions for Graduate Application

Please read before completing your application.

When To Apply

  • Degree and Non-Degree Programs - Deadline Programs
    • If you are applying to one of our programs that currently has a deadline for application submission please insure that you have submitted your online application by that date and that all transcripts and supplemental materials are postmarked by the deadline date.
    • For a list of deadlines click here and go to Programs Offered.
  • Degree and Non-Degree Programs - Rolling Admission
    • If you are applying to a program that has rolling admission you may apply at any time. It is recommended that you apply 4-6 weeks before the start of the semester you would like to begin so that there is time to process your application completely.
    • For a list of rolling admission programs click here and go to Programs Offered.
  • Non-Degree
    • If you are applying for a non-degree status you may submit your application up and through the drop/add registration period of the semester you would like to begin.

Please note: Applications that are incomplete will remain pending for 1 year. If you are unable to complete your application you will be denied at that time.

How To Apply

Please read all admission requirements carefully. All applicants must complete and submit the application along with a $45 application fee. If applying through our online application, this application fee is paid online via a secure server at the time your application is submitted. The application fee is nonrefundable.

Once you have submitted your application you need to request official transcripts to be sent to Towson University from all schools you have attended. If you are required to submit test scores (i.e. TOEFL, MAT, or GREs) please make sure you have requested official scores to be sent to the graduate school. In addition, all supplemental materials should be sent directly to the Graduate School.

Online Application Process

Once you have read these instructions completely, please click to return to the application menu. You should have already created an account at this time and have your username and password (make sure you keep this information so you can come back to your application at anytime).

Click on Graduate School Online Application

Provide your username and password

The application is a total of 5 pages. Please make sure you complete all required fields as to not hold up your application process. If you need to stop at anytime and complete the application at a later date press Save and then Save & Exit at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to return to your application to complete the process.

Once you have confirmed that your application is complete, on the 5th page you want to click on SUBMIT. This will bring you to the required payment page. At this time you will have three choices for payment:

  1. Credit Card/Debit:

    Fill in all the required information (credit card number, expiration date and card billing information) and then click submit. Once payment is authorized your application will be sent to the graduate school.

  2. Electronic Check:

    Checks are only accepted from United States Banks

    On the Secure Check Input Form, fill in your check account number and the bank routing number, along with the other required information. The routing number is simply a number that identifies your bank. This is the first set of numbers at the bottom of your check. Your account number is the second set of numbers.

    ** ** When you pay by check on-line, it is similar to using a debit card. In order to remind you that you spent this money, remember to mark your register.

  3. Fee Waiver

    A waiver is permitted for students who have already received a graduate degree from Towson University.

Once you have processed your payment choice you can monitor your application by checking your Activity Log.

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