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Directions and Information

Form Instructions

  1. Create your account.
    • Enter your account information exactly as instructed on the form.
    • Click the 'Create My Account' button at the bottom of the form.
    • Write your username and password for future reference (i.e., when re-entering the system).

  2. Fill out your form.
    You can complete your form in any order and save your work and come back to it later - even from a different computer!
    • If your form has more than one page, use the navigation tools found on any of the pages to move forward and backward in the form.
    • To save what you have done so far without exiting, click the 'Save' button.
    • To save what you have done so far and exit (you will be taken to your Activity Log), click the 'Finish Session' or 'Save and Exit' button.
    • To reaccess your form to continue work on it, return to the form menu, select the form, and enter your username and password when prompted.

    All of your saves and transmissions are logged in your Activity Log for your review.

  3. Make corrections to your data.
    You may see a Data Correction Page when you move from page to page, or when you submit the form.
    A Data Correction Page appears if you have omitted a required field or entered data incorrectly. Changes you need to make appear in red text. Simply enter the correct data, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the appropriate button.

  4. Submit the form
    Check your form carefully. When you are satisfied with it and are ready to send it to us, click the send button at the bottom of the last page. This saves your data in their final form and takes you to the payment page where you pay your form fee online.

    Your form is not sent to us until you pay your form fee and it is authorized (step 5).

  5. Pay your form fee online.
    On the payment page, you can pay your form fee by debit/credit card.

    If you are paying by debit or credit card:
    • Provide all information, including the complete credit card number, expiration date, and card billing information.
    • Click the 'Submit this information' button.

    Once payment is authorized, your form is on its way to us, and you can no longer make changes to it.

    Security Information: Your debit/credit card information is encrypted during transmission from your browser to our server and during payment authorization. None of your debit/credit card information is stored in our database.

  6. Check your Activity Log to print a copy of your form or to learn if we have received it.

  7. Close your browser program when you are ready to end your Web session.
    This clears your password and secure connection.

Web Form Features

  • The web form server stores the information you enter under the private username and password you establish.
  • You do not have to complete a form in one sitting. For example, you can start working on a web form at your library's computer facility, save your work, access the form at home on your personal computer, and continue working from there. Wherever you have access to the Web, you have access to the information you have saved.
  • When you complete more than one form, common information you provided on the first form is entered automatically in all subsequent forms. For example, if you have entered your name and address on a form and saved it, that information will be entered automatically on the next online form you access (assuming, of course, that the next form also has name and address fields). Also, if you change the information on one form, it is changed on all others.
  • Your data are transmitted securely over the Internet. The information you enter is encrypted and secure when you save it and when you send it. Although general data collected on the system may be used in statistical studies and reports designed to assist institutions with planning, any information bearing your personal identification is disclosed only to the department to which you send it.
  • When you save or transmit form information, a note appears in your Activity Log. You can easily check your Activity Log at any time to see your form activity and to learn when we have acknowledged receipt of your form.